We understand from our years of industry experience how competitive the converting business can be. Regardless of whether you are a large or small converting operation, your business scrutinizes every last dollar to remain competitive. Even a small advantage in raw material pricing can translate into significant cost savings. This can be the difference between securing business and being passed over in a competitive bid situation. If you have some degree of flexibility in purchasing, job lot paper or paperboard might be a sensible option for your less critical jobs. A good rule of thumb is that the higher percentage the raw material represents of the finished cost of the product, the better the chance is that job lot paper is an appropriate alternative to first line product.

The Paper Tigers' list of converter clients includes some of the largest integrated packaging plants in the United States, as well as many smaller independent producers. From folding carton to liquid packaging to foodservice to corrugated box plants, and anything in between - we have the relevant experience. The Paper Tigers understands the need to work together as partners to achieve common goals, and we make it our priority to understand your business. Put our outstanding service to the test, and see why we are truly second to none in servicing our valued converter accounts.