Metropolitan Plastics

plastic scraps

Metropolitan Plastics is the newest division of The Paper Tigers/Metropolitan Fiber. At our facility in Berkely, Illinois we collect and process many grades of plastic scrap, including PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS and PVC. Our own dedicated truck fleet picks up waste from customers in the greater Chicago area and beyond. With the capability to service accounts that generate both paper and plastic waste, as well as stand-alone plastics manufacturers, Metropolitan Plastics is rapidly growing to the forefront of the industry.


Like our paper scrap division, Metropolitan Plastics employs cutting-edge processes and technologies to handle various kinds of plastic materials. Our close relationships with recyclers and end-users, both domestically and internationally, allow us to remarket scrap in any volume. Our reprocessing capabilities enable us to discretely handle proprietary materials. We provide your business with custom-tailored solutions to all your waste recycling needs.