Although paperboard is our central focus, we deal in various grades of printing, writing papers, and converting papers to a lesser degree. Does your business require coated or uncoated wood-free offset, lightweight coated, bristols, tissue, another grade of converting paper? Contact us to find out what we have in stock.


Job Lot, Stock Lot, and Odd Lot Paperboard

Does your company use paperboard for converting, printing, or packaging? One of our main points of focus at The Paper Tigers is on convertible paperboard. Whether you call it job lot, stock lot, odd lot, or seconds; chances are good that we have what you need in stock for your urgent requirements, small runs, or cost sensitive jobs that might prohibit placing mill orders.* The Paper Tigers also has the ability to include prime material, when the job calls for it.

* Note on Job Lot Paper and Board - Job lot paper and board sold in the secondary markets is not guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects, and is usually not guaranteed by the producing mills. Accordingly, it is typically priced at least 10% below primary market pricing levels. Our product is of good printable quality, but may not be suitable for your most critical or demanding jobs. If you are a new customer, or if you are not sure whether to use job lot product for a particular purpose, please request a sample prior to placing an order.

C1S SBS Convertible Paperboard

SBS or "Solid Bleached Sulfate" is a bright, fully bleached paperboard sheet with smooth surface characteristics for printing and packaging. Most SBS is clay coated on one side for enhanced printability. If it is clay coated bleached board you need, The Paper Tigers have got you covered. Our inventory spans a wide range of sizes in calipers (thickness) from 8pt to 26pt (approx 195-475 GSM).

Our premiere Stock Lot SBS board product is called Tigerboard. To find out more about Tigerboard, click here.

Other Types of SBS Paperboard

Although most of our SBS inventory is clay coated "one side" ( C1S ), we do have smaller quantities of coated "two side" and coated "three side" bleached board in stock that allow for greater backside printability. If you require a bleached board sheet with no coating, we also stock and sell smaller quantities of uncoated SBS such as uncoated cup stock and milk carton base.

Poly Coated Bleached Board

Another grade we focus on at The Paper Tigers is poly coated bleached board. Although this material currently represents a smaller portion of our business than clay coated bleached board, we do stock and sell poly coated cup stock, poly coated milk carton stock, and poly coated SBS food packaging board.

Recycled Paperboard

Commonly referred to as clay coated news back (CCNews), clay coated kraft back, white back, gray back, chip board, or cylinder board, recycled paperboard can be an economical alternative for jobs where a bleached sheet is not required or desired. The Paper Tigers stocks and brokers recycled paperboard for some of our customers.

Custom Converted Paperboard

If your operation is sheet fed, or if you require rolls of a different size or outside diameter than we stock at a given moment, The Paper Tigers is delighted to supply your business with custom converted paperboard. Whether converted at one of our own facilities, or at one of our high quality contract converters, you can be sure the job will be delivered per your specifications and in a timely manner. If you should require die-cut specialty product, please inquire about our capabilities.

For more information please contact or your sales representative.

Secondary Fibers

Secondary Fiber is an integral part of our business at The Paper Tigers. We deal to some extent in virtually every grade of waste paper and secondary fiber. However, our particular specialties are bleached board grades such as SBS (both printed and unprinted), uncoated and poly coated milk carton and aseptic packaging, uncoated and poly coated cup stock, and plate stock. From rolls to bales, domestically and internationally, The Paper Tigers is your source for high quality bleached pulp substitutes. For more information please contact or your sales representative.