Frequently Asked Questions

How much does recycling equipment cost?

We are here to help you with financing solutions. Tell us about your waste stream and we will find you the best equipment for the job.

In most cases, the volume of scrap material will determine the type of equipment solution necessary to adequately handle your material. Other factors such as your plant floor space design or amount of labor you are looking to save can influence what may end up being the appropriate level of investment.

Prices vary by system, but we are committed to finding you equipment at the lowest cost for your particular recycling needs.

What about financing?

At Paper Tigers, we understand that many of our clients have tight budgets with other process improvements and other operational costs higher on the list of priorities than scrap processing or recycling equipment. That's why we will work with you to come up with a customized recycling solution and payment plan that fits your needs.

What equipment is right for my business?

There are many types of equipment that you may be interested in learning about. Here are just a few:

Horizontal Baler

A horizontal baler has high capacity and fast cycle times, so it is ideal for companies that produce larger volumes of scrap and want to process material for resale.

Advantages of the horizontal baler include:

  • Automated Operation
  • Labor Savings
  • Superior Densification
  • Favorable Presentation of Scrap Product

Vertical Baler

If your business does quite a bit of unpacking or repacking of boxes and has a problem with build-up of boxes on the floor or in your garbage dumpster, you may need a vertical baler. Installing a vertical baler will allow you to take your boxes and compact them into bales, creating space and adding value to material.

Advantages of vertical balers include:

  • Small Footprint
  • Reduced Disposal Cost
  • Generate Revenue from a Waste Stream

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Whatever type of equipment you need, Paper Tigers will work on your behalf to find a supplier with cost effective equipment that can provide you solutions for your trash and paper recycling needs. Call us today at to find out more about paper recycling equipment and the variety of financing options available.