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FBB Paperboard

Folding box board (FBB) is made from several chemical and mechanical pulp layers pressed together to form a strong, durable paperboard. FBB is known for its versatility, as it can be coated, laminated and printed on in various colors and finishes. It’s used to package products in several industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty, and confectionery.

The Paper Tigers stands as your reliable folding box board supplier. We provide FBB grades consisting of C1S, C1S+ and C2S, offering a basis weight advantage for extra savings. FBB’s high printability and smooth surface make it a great option for any of your printing needs.

Folding Box Board Advantages

Check out what makes FBB so popular:

  • It’s versatile: FBB’s smooth coating can be printed on in several colors and can be finished with various coatings.
  • It’s lightweight: FBB is lightweight without compromising performance. FBB functions the same or better than heavier grades, making it possible to create sustainable packaging that does its job.
  • It’s cost-effective: FBB is a cost-effective packaging option based on a weight advantage.

These benefits make FBB an excellent choice for companies looking for sustainable packaging solutions.

Solid Bleached Sulfate Paperboard vs. Folding Box Board

If you’re deciding which material to use for your application, you may be curious about the difference between FBB and solid bleached sulfate (SBS) paperboard.

SBS is virgin fiber paperboard bleached to a bright white color. It has a smooth surface and is commonly used for packaging high-end products like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food items. SBS is known for its stiffness and printability.

FBB is a multi-layer paperboard typically made from a combination of virgin and recycled fibers. It is commonly used for packaging products like shoes, toys and household items and is cost-effective with the basis weight advantage. FBB is known for its flexibility and foldability, making it perfect for packaging that requires easy assembly and storage.

Types of Folding Box Board

The Paper Tigers stocks three types of FBB. Find your best fit below!

C1S Folding Box Board (FBB)

C1S FBB is fully coated on one side for excellent printability, while the uncoated side offers a canvas for printing and labeling.
Stocking Calipers: 8pt – 14pt

  • Folders
  • Direct mailers
  • Greeting cards
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Poster board
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C2S Folding Box Board (FBB)

C2S FBB is fully coated on both sides, offering twice the space for printing graphics and text.
Stocking Calipers: 8pt – 14pt

  • Direct mailers
  • Greeting cards
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Poster board

C1S+ Folding Box Board (FBB)

C1S+ FBB is fully coated on one side with a light wash/blade coating on the backside. Both sides are suitable for printing, while the backside offers better adhesion and sealing of the packaging material.
Stocking calipers: 8 -16pt

  • Folders
  • Direct Mailers
  • Greeting Cards
  • Point of Purchase Display
  • Poster Board

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The Paper Tigers Is Your Folding Box Board Supplier

Whether you package health and beauty products, frozen or chilled foods, confectionaries, pharmaceuticals or other products, you’ll find a reliable and cost-effective solution at The Paper Tigers. Get in touch today to discuss your packaging needs and get a quote on folding box board.

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