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Poly-Coated Paperboard

Are you looking for rigid, durable paperboard packaging that protects its contents and keeps them fresh? Poly-coated paperboard is the perfect solution. As reliable poly-coated paperboard suppliers, we at The Paper Tigers offer several types to meet your specific needs.

Polymer-coated paperboard packaging is coated with a layer of polyethylene on one or both sides. The polyethylene coating provides a barrier against moisture, grease and other liquids. It’s ideal for food packaging applications such as fast food containers, frozen food boxes, coated carton paper, milk carton stock and beverage cups.

What Poly-Coated Paperboard Can Offer

You’ll enjoy several advantages when you choose polymer-coated paperboard for your packaging application:

  • Barrier capabilities: Poly-coated paperboard creates a barrier against moisture and other so you can package food items safely. Choose from various barrier-coating substances to protect your package’s contents from light, oxygen, humidity, grease or heat.
  • Versatility: Poly-coated paper can be finished in various ways, including embossing, printing or laminating it.
  • Printability: Poly-coated paperboard has excellent printing characteristics, allowing you to create attractive and compelling branding and marketing materials.
  • Recyclability: Poly-coated paperboard is recyclable, so businesses and consumers alike can feel good about using and purchasing it.

These benefits make it easy to see how polymer-coated paperboard is popular and practical for many packaging applications.

Poly Coated Paperboard Types

Our polymer-coated paperboard is extruded with polyethylene on one side (P1S) or both sides (P2S) to provide quality products for the food service industry or any barrier project you may have. You can learn more about each type below.

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P1S Cup / Milk Carton Stock

P1S poly-coated paperboard is a great option if you want an attractive, durable packaging material that can endure shipping rigors while keeping contents safe and fresh.

Caliper Range: 12pt – 25pt

coffee cup brown sleeve made out of uncoated SBS
P2S Cup Stock used for takeout Chinese box

P2S Cup Stock

P2S poly-coated paperboard provides a moisture barrier on both sides, making it ideal for food packaging and other applications that require high moisture protection. Use our cup stock for soda, juice, hot tea, hot coffee, ice cream cups and more.

Caliper Range: 8pt – 28pt

P2S Milk Carton Stock

Caliper Range: 10pt – 28pt

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