Secondary Fiber

Secondary Fiber Supplier

Secondary Fiber is an integral part of our business at The Paper Tigers. We deal in every grade of wastepaper and secondary fiber. Our particular specialties are bleached board grades such as SBS (both printed and unprinted), uncoated and poly coated milk carton and aseptic packaging, uncoated and poly coated cup stock, and plate stock. From rolls to bales, domestically and internationally, The Paper Tigers is your source for high-quality bleached pulp substitutes.

We process a wide range of grades through our three recycling facilities.  Below is a list of those grades and if you have any questions about our capabilities please reach out and we will answer any questions you may have.

  • Mixed Paper
  • Box Board Cuttings
  • OCC
  • ONP
  • Groundwood Fly Leaf Shavings
  • DLK
  • Books
  • Sorted Office Paper
  • Coated Book Stock
  • Printer’s Mix
  • White Ledger
  • Printed SBS
  • Unprinted SBS
  • Poly Cup
  • Poly Milk Carton
  • Tissue/Toweling
  • Hard White
  • Soft White

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