Metropolitan Fiber

Metropolitan Fiber's new, state of the art recycling facility is located at 5600 Proviso Drive in Berkeley, Illinois. We offer 24 hour service throughout the Midwest, and operate our own trucks. Our fleet consists of four tractors, and over sixty trailers. Material is received both loose (in all forms), and baled. We provide any equipment necessary to create a unique, customer focused recycling solution that is custom tailored to your operation. We start by conducting recycling audits in order to better understand the challenges that need to be overcome so that we can work in partnership to solve them. It is our goal to maximize potential revenue from waste streams while minimizing any landfill expenses. In so doing, we can effectively create a green standard at our clients' facilities. This can be a first step to ISO certification for many of our customers. We pride ourselves in educating our clients to keep the quality and flow of their scrap material as consistent as possible, which provides maximum value to the end user. Above all, we understand the importance of customer service, and delivering on our promises.

Our plant can handle any type of recovered or secondary fiber, which allows us to take ownership of the material in marketing the supply stream. This affords us the opportunity to explore all markets, and ship by any mode whether domestic by truck, by rail to Mexico or Canada, or by container to various ports around the world.


It is our company goal to supply prompt and courteous service, exceeding the customer's expectations and creating a solid working relationship built on trust. Metropolitan Fiber's hard earned reputation in the industry reflects these values.